Tuesday, September 7

About me & blog

Hi!  I'm Mary Beth.  It's nice to meet you.

Welcome to whimsy & the world, my new travel lifestyle project. I started this particular blog in 2010 when I was traveling in Guatemala.  This year I hope to turn it into dynamic, colorful, inspiring, updated all the time blog!  

Right now, I'm living in Alabama (where I was born). In May, I'm moving back to the Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming (where I worked last summer).  In the fall, I'm moving back to England (where I lived during high school).  It's all very exciting :). 

My current goals include flossing and reading a Psalm every night before bed, being in the sun as much as possible, moving to London by October, and not spending money unless I absolutely have to.  (Last night I bought donut holes. Oops. But they were so good.) As soon as I can, I want to buy a brand new fancy camera because I like taking photos and I want to get a puppy because dogs make me happy. One of my favorite words is whimsy and one of my favorite things to do is discovering new places.  Also, I love people. Especially my favorite people.

Keep checking back --- summer's gonna be a fun season!