Monday, February 18

Twenty WHAT?!

Well hello!

Playing in super soft Canary Island sand

I turned twenty five yesterday.

My grandfather gave me a birthday phone call and casually asked how my life to do list was going.

THANK GOODNESS I have another three years to complete the list.  I take it very seriously despite all appearances.  Thanks, Grandaddy, for inquiring after the list and holding me accountable :)

Here is the list.  (I'm only 90% sure this is 100% accurate as I lost the original documentation.)

1. skydive
2. hanglide
3. ride a camel
4. ride an elephant
5. swim with dolphins
6. volunteer at an orphanage 
7. write a song
8. write a book
9. learn to sail
10. pay for a family vacation*

One, two, and three.  Done.

Four, five, and six.  Okay so, I'm not trying to be lazy, or a tree-hugging hipster, but I'm not sure these are very nice or ethical. I've decided I'm not going out of my way to do these things; I certainly won't pay to do them. But do I secretly hope that one day I'll dive off my sailboat into crystal blue sea and be suddenly surrounded by Flipper and his extended family?  Yes.

*Ten.  I don't know what I was thinking when I was eighteen.  Maybe that I'd win the lottery by twenty one?  I don't know. So I'm going to cheat.  Melissa and I paid for our parents to stay in a nice Florentine B&B.  So... check.  Until I win the lottery.  And I'm taking Melissa on a postgrad Caribbean cruise.  So... double check.

Seven, eight, nine.  Working on it.