Monday, May 21

Follow your dreams

Investment Banking:
True Stories of Hope And (Mostly) Despair

Follow Your Dreams

It's Monday morning, but I'm feeling good.

On top of that, today is a senior manager's fifteenth anniversary at the bank!  Free cake for all!

We're standing around eating cake, congratulating the senior manager on her fifteenth anniversary at the bank. She waves her hand in the air, getting our attention.

"Thank you, Bob and team, for the bottle of wine," she says.  "Actually, most of you don't know this, but it's been fifteen years and ten months since I joined the bank. After ten months, I quit to travel and follow my dreams... of course, inevitably, I came crawling back!"

Everyone chuckles and takes another bite of cake.

I die inside.

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Sunday, May 20

My top ten

Yesterday my business strategies professor asked us to list the ten "most important things" in our lives, without overthinking. I came up with my first three immediately.

1. friends - building community
2. family - building community
3. being outside, sunshine

Then I had to think for a few seconds.

4. serving God/people - helping
5. self sufficiency - $

Five through eleven slowly came to mind.

6.  travel/adventure
7.  being useful, accomplishing something significant
8.  music, writing, creativity
9.  good food
10. telling stories
11. reading

Can good food be that important?  I think it can.

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Friday, May 18

The post I meant to post last week....

Let's talk about gay rights.

Just kidding!

Longer post coming soon.


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Tuesday, May 8

A new series...

Investment Banking:
True Stories of Hope And (Mostly) Despair

Never Get Up

It's 7am. In that half awake dream state, I hear Winston Churchill say,

        Never ever, ever, ever, ever ever give up. 

Warm and fuzzy in my bed, I'm relieved to hear those encouraging words because yesterday I cried a lot and worried that somehow, against all odds, I was going to be trapped in finance forever.

Over and over again I hear,

       Never ever, ever, ever, ever ever give up. 

       Never give up.  Never ever give up.

I smile sleepily. I won't ever give up. My fuzzy thoughts float from Winston's advice to last night's Homeland finale to the morning light and the cool breeze quietly slipping through the window. I roll over and snuggle deep into the covers.

      Never ever, ever, ever, ever ever get up. 

Some time later, it dawns on me that Winston's words have changed. Over and over again I'd begun hearing,

      Never get up.
      Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever get up. 
      Never. Get. Up.
      I am never getting up.

I'm awake now. I think about calling in sick. But eventually I get up. 

I go to the bank.

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