Sunday, June 26

Summer in the mountains

During the past 2 weeks...

I saw 3 moose. One was super close, a toddler moose, I'd guess, off the Taggart Lake trail.

I broke in my hiking boots on several 8- to10-mile hikes and I mostly got over my fear of bears.

Dave came to visit.

So did summertime and 75+ degree weather (and an unreal number of mosquitoes --- misery).

We played disc golf in Teton Village and ate Thai food at Teton Thai. So yummy.

We went whitewater rafting on the Snake River, which is 3 times higher and faster than it should be due to record-breaking snow fall (and now, melt). Temporarily, I replaced my fear of bears with a fear of falling into a raging 40 degree river.

We watched The Sopranos and I liked it.

We saw a small black bear run across Inner Park Road and immediately to our right we saw a medium-size grizzly pacing back and forth along the edge of the words. We rolled down the car window and tried to take pictures. I whispered, "Be quiet. It could maul us."

Dave went back to London.

I discovered a little restaurant nearby that serves legit biscuits and gravy. Uh-oh.

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