Thursday, July 7

Japanese, Thai, Mexican, American

I love food and I love eating out. Virtually all of my spending money goes toward elaborate restaurant meals. 

Last Tuesday nine of us got dressed up and went into town for sushi. I'd already eaten dinner but ended up ordering a large drink and vegetable tempura (a Japanese style of frying stuff). Our final bill was over $400. WHAT?  But so delicious. On Sunday, Shelley and I celebrated the Fourth a day early with Teton Thai (another delicious $40 meal) and live music and fireworks in Teton Village. The fireworks lasted over twenty minutes. Pretty magical, right under the mountains. And last night, eight of us pigged at out Merry Piglets, a Mexican restaurant in Jackson. I couldn't move after we finished eating. I know - I KNOW - to order the tiniest, tiniest quesadilla whenever I eat Mexican because I can't stop myself from filling up on chips and queso... but the chimichanga sounded so good. 

For low wage seasonal workers, we love to eat well.

I went on a little hike up Death Canyon today. It was gorgeous and good exercise. We saw four moose and actually had to turn around because one was spooked and giving us the evil eye. Earlier we'd run into a park ranger who chatted with us about the recent grizzly mauling in Yellowstone... When a hiker passed us and mentioned seeing a mother moose, the park ranger cheerfully nodded, "yup, be careful, they'll kill you too!"

How was everyone's Fourth?  I worked all day and missed Alabama folk. But I had fun the day before. I've really felt more American this past year. I guess ever since working here in Wyoming, my sense of Americanness has been growing. I've met a lot of people who are passionate about this country, in a wilderness and wildlife and natural beauty sort of way, and without realizing it that's given me a new appreciation for where I'm from. I think, too, because my last international travel experience (to Guatemala) was a challenge and because I'm getting ready to move back overseas, I've gotten more proud and protective. It's a weird but good feeling.

Have a good weekend!  I'm about to start my work week... Friday is my Monday. It gets confusing.  

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Ben said...

I met a girl last week who makes her own curry rice. If she hadn't been dating someone I would have proposed. Maybe I should have tried anyway.