Thursday, August 9

London Breakfast Club: Caravan

I finally visited Caravan in Exmouth Market last weekend. This is the place to go if you want to feel like a trendy Londoner while eating yummy food. 

We sat outside. Glancing around, I noticed that every single person was remarkably fashionable, even the babies. Not in the glitzy name brand way but in the artsy hipster way. Earthy colors, well-worn leather lace ups and sneakers, six or seven layer ensembles with messy hair and unique patterned tights. Plenty of big square glasses and baggy skinny jeans. How do people dress like this every day?  Is it effortless?  Do they spend a fortune on thrifted vintage and an hour getting ready every morning?  I don't know, but London is indeed the fashion capital of the world and I need to get my act together. 

Anyway. The vibe is trendy. The menu is trendy, too. All the brunch items were recognizable but most dishes had a twist. Creamy soy mushrooms. Baked eggs, tomato, and pepper ragout. (I don't know what ragout is. I bet it's French.) Ham and cheese muffins. For me, the obvious choice was cornbread french toast with bacon, rocket, avocado, and paprika-spiced maple syrup. You'd never put those ingredients together, right?  But you know it's going to be delicious. And it was. The downside was the portion size. It was plenty, yes, but I could've eaten twice as much. Maybe that's my own problem.


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