Wednesday, February 2

Notes from work

A Facebook friend's status that I liked:  

The best things in life are free.
But money would be nice too.

It's totally pretentious of me on multiple levels, but I can't help it.  Tonight I'm getting really irritated every time this happens...

Customer: I'd like a latte please.  

Me (shamelessly profiling customer to determine likely socioeconomic status and knowledge of coffee, then):  Do you want your latte really really sweet?

Customer (giving me an almost horrified look at the idea of a latte that wasn't really really sweet, then): Yeah.  Sweet.  

So I add four pumps of vanilla syrup to their latte.  Then the customer takes a small sip, makes an "eww this takes like super strong coffee!" face, and proceeds to stir in three to (record) twelve sugar packets.  I blame gas stations and their liberal use of espresso terminology.  Sigh.

My favorite bridge in the whole wide world. 

If you've ever been confused by the concepts of Great Britain, the United Kingdom, the British Isles, England, Northern Ireland, etc., then the YouTube video The United Kingdom Explained is for you!   It's a fun to watch.

Getting unexpected phone calls is the best.  On Monday, I got unexpected calls from boyfriend Dave, grandfather Grandaddy, and DC-resident and friend Erika.  All conversations were lovely.  (Erika might meet Dave and I in New Orleans next month.  Fingers crossed!)

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