Tuesday, February 1


Yea, we're armed. Everyone in the street with knives and swords. It's fun.

If you're following Egypt's situation with any interest, you might like to read "Notes on Trying to Call Egypt" published on Matador's Traveler's Notebook.  The author shares her thoughts and experiences as she's stuck in DC, worrying and trying to call her friends in Egypt.  She finally gets in touch with Abdalla; their exchange is both entertaining and very serious.


Dan said...

I've got a friend who was studying Arabic in Cairo, a month into a five-month trip. He flew to Switzerland about an hour ago and then immediately the situation collapsed in violence. These people have fought for so much these past few days and it's been incredible to watch, I hope they don't screw it up by doing anything stupid now.

Mary Beth Brown said...

the people would benefit from an egyptian ghandi or MLK. (i think?) it's been interesting reading about all the study abroad students trying to get out of the country via facebook friends, etc. that would be a little scary.

Dan said...

The double-edged sword of this is that we live in the social media age. So, yeah, these people (especially young people, are you listening America?) can basically overthrow a government with a few Facebook posts or tweets and time. The flip side, though, is that in the age of Anonymous (the collective faceless internet hive mind) there's no figurehead, which is the point, but it means that your revolution goes without its polarizing figure. We live in fascinating times, indeed.