Monday, September 26

No excuses

Oh, it's late and I'm giving up on trying to figure out my new bank account, my loan repayments, and how the heck to order myself a proper cell phone.

I miss places like this.

London is very busy. It's not easy adjusting to it, or adjusting to being in an office 50 hours every week. I get sleepy and grumpy and frazzled because there's hardly enough time to figure out boring details like bank accounts, much less time to be social. And forget about sleeping for nine consecutive hours.

As I often say to others, I now say to myself: get some real problems. 

I still have much to learn about balance and prioritizing and letting things go. This weekend I identified things I'm gonna try to avoid compromising:

Go to the gym... no excuses.
Don't complain... no excuses.
Put other people before yourself... no excuses.

Exercise, a positive attitude, and selflessness are all very, very important to me. And lately I'm no good at any of them. But I shan't give up!

While avoiding the gym and whining about corporate life and English weather, I've managed to have some good times. Last week I went to a house group dinner/Bible study with people from Church on the Corner. I made some orange cookies because I had two old wrinkly oranges that I didn't want to throw away (the cookies were so yummy). Friday, we watched the 1952 movie The African Queen in a big outdoor amphitheater at the foot of Tower Bridge. On Saturday, some interns and I took the train to Brighton, a town on the southern coast. And yesterday I gave up my no-caffeine diet and made my first at-home cup of coffee since arriving in England. Thinking about it almost makes me look forward to seven am...


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