Tuesday, October 4


October is my favorite month. The temperature's perfect, the leaves are pretty, and the holidays are coming.

That being said, last week was unseasonably warm but absolutely glorious. I left all my jackets at home, read outside during my lunch breaks, ate a late-night, three-course dinner at a delicious outdoor Turkish cafe, watched the sunset behind Tower Bridge, visited Burough Market for the first time and decided to do all my food shopping there always, danced to 50s music at Shake Rattle and Bowl, a diner/bowling alley/dance club in central London, started the Breakfast Club tradition (more on this in a later post) at Elk in the Woods, read in the Islington's community garden, and generally loved feeling warmth on my skin.

Today was gray and blustery again. But that's okay. I'm in the mood for scarves. And I bought loads of fresh tomatoes at Burough's this weekend and am excited to homemake tomato soup... and I found a place to buy pumpkins for jack-o-lanterns... and I found a place to buy fresh Christmas trees!  Mmmm. I love autumn.

From top to bottom: sunny graveyard on the way to work/sunrise view from our flat/sunny walk around Islington/iced tea and jams at Burough's/veggie burger at Burough's/Zara and I in sunshine at Burough's/olives, tomatoes, and pretty brick buildings near Burough's


Han said...

I forgot you got bangs! Good.


amy said...

but me too. and they're cute!
I hope your christmas tree is still up when I come to visit. keep it up for me?