Monday, November 28

Breakfast in Bristol

Happy late Thanksgiving!

This is the third consecutive year I've been outside America for Thanksgiving. In 2009, I cooked a big summery meal for thirteen Australians. In 2010, I ate pineapple and chocolate cake on a Guatemalan beach with other volunteers. And this year, I had dinner with two South Africans and two Brits at a yummy Turkish restaurant. Oh, what will two thousand and twelve bring?

This weekend Dave and I were in Bristol visiting some of his university friends. I arrived at two in the afternoon and everyone went out for brunch at Deco Lounge.  I was starving. And when my food came, Dave captured the unflattering but heartfelt love I have for good breakfast. You can see a few more photos on his tumblr.

Late breakfast (Taken with Instagram at The Deco Lounge)

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