Sunday, November 13

Smart phones

First of all, let me say, getting a cell phone when I first moved to London was a hassle. I ended up choosing a Blackberry because I wanted to use internet and GPS apps as much as I wanted and the Blackberry was cheaper than an iPhone.

I wish someone would have told me that Blackberries suck and that an iPhone is worth the extra money. Or that I didn't need a smart phone at all, that some regular phones have good internet and GPS functions. (Full disclosure: Dave told me this.)

So now I'm stuck with a phone that I pretty much hate (I'm learning to tolerate and work with it... it feels kind of like an arranged marriage). To make matters worse, Dave's company has just GIVEN all their employees brand new iPhones.

I know.

Ridiculous (-ly jealous).

He's starting to use Instagram and all the other super trendy cool photo apps. And since we hang out alot, his life photos are often my life photos. Go to to check them out.

You can click on the individual photos to see where in London they were taken... On our way to my roommate Zara's birthday lunch, we noticed this funky interior design shop with a fun name... I love how that photo turned out...

Hope everyone's having a nice weekend!

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