Thursday, October 28

"Lost in Ireland"

Today I'm eating chocolate and reading Eric Hansen's The Bird Man and the Lap Dancer. It's a collection of short travel essays, and it's very good. He has such a simple effective style. I want to learn to write more simply.

Another good travel piece to check out is "Lost In Ireland" by Matt Gross, a writer for the NYTimes travel section. Ireland might be my favorite place on Earth. The rolling green hills and winding roads and sheep dogs and crooked pubs and fiddle music and full Irish breakfasts with fried toast and the best porridge ever... If you want a relaxing, heartwarming, peaceful vacation, I encourage you to try Ireland. (The southern bit; I haven't tried Dublin or Northern Ireland yet.)

Several people have mentioned not being able to comment on my posts. I think I've fixed the problem if you want to say hi, comment on a story, or ask any questions!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, you did fix the problem. I can comment! Love reading your bog. Loved talking to you tonight.
Love YOU!