Wednesday, October 27

Prickly heat

The word "adventure" is overused. To me, an adventure only starts when everything goes wrong.
- Yvon Chouinard

I've just self-diagnosed myself with heat rash. It's red, itchy, and on both knees, the top of one foot, and the small of my back. Wikipedia helpfully suggests I move into an air conditioned building and avoid hot and humid climates.

There's some sort of meeting going on in el comedor this morning, and while I was making pancakes, a male leader from the community came into the kitchen and told Sara to bring out some water. She stopped what she was doing and quickly produced a tray with pitchers of water while the man stood in the doorway watching. As she filled the glasses, he said something to her, she nodded, poured out the water, and proceeded to wash the already clean glasses while he continued to do nothing. I felt the need to share that scene as an amendment to yesterday's la comunidad de mujeres post.

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