Thursday, October 14

Tiene café?

I'm currently sitting in San Salvador's international airport, enjoying a cup of coffee that I ordered using only Spanish words. Earlier I had an epic fail when our waitress tried to clarify our lunch order with a series of questions. After staring blankly for a few awkward moments, I responded with a definitive . Ten minutes later, I was eating some delicious pupusas. One point for just saying yes when in doubt.

Welcome to
twenty whimsy travel, a travel/life blog I'm hoping to turn into a fun long term project. For the next two months, I'm happy to say I'll be writing primarily about Guatemala! My friend Hannah and I will be living, volunteering, and adventuring at Comunidad Nueva Alianza, an organic coffee and macadamia plantation.

Tonight we're staying in Guatemala City, and tomorrow we'll begin making our way to
la comunidad via Antigua and Retalhuleu, in a number of vehicles varying in size, color, and - no doubt - reliability.

El Salvador's mountains seem especially surreal after the past month of traveling between Wyoming, Alabama, and England. Sometimes I get tired of moving around. But eventually I experience "The Moment." It never fails. An irrepressible smile spreads across my face. I shake my head and I wonder: "How did I
get here?!" It's beautiful.

Hannah just asked me how to politely ask for a menu. We settled on,
Quisiera el menú, por favor?

...and she's just returned with a menu! We're off to a good start.

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