Wednesday, December 1

Peanut butter tortillas

Yesterday I discovered Lesley Téllez's Mexican food blog, The Mija Chronicles. It's fantastic - makes me want to become a real cook. If you like Mexican food, fresh food, colorful photos of food, or really, anything related to food, check it out. Her and her husband live and work in Mexico City, so the blog has a vibrant travel expat feel to it as well.

One recent post that caught my eye: "Peanut butter tacos, and other secret tortilla behavior." The first three days we were in Nueva Alianza the hotel manager and cook, Sara, cooked all our meals for us. It was legit Guatemalan food - simple and delicious. The tortillas were handmade with freshly ground corn! But for some reason I quickly burned out on them. They started tasting and feeling like chewed up cardboard. So one evening I broke into our emergency peanut butter stash and spread a thin layer on a hot tortilla. Mmmmmm. Good to know a Mexico City residing, Latin American food expert does the same thing.


Lesley said...

Hey, glad you found my blog! Yes, PB tacos are the best. Especially with a teensy bit of jam. (For when you're in a sweet mood.)

As an unrelated aside, I also believe in the importance of being whimsical.

Mary Elizabeth said...

Good to hear, Lesley!

My friends just came from Mexico and loved it (especially Oaxaca - might direct them to your most recent post). Their stories and your blog have me itching to visit. Definitely will go on one of Eat Mexico's tours whenever I'm in the city.