Thursday, December 9

San Pedro & Lake Atitlán

San Pedro, one of the many towns on Lake Atitlán, and where we stayed for several days.
Amy, James, and I walking towards the cathedral on Sunday.  There was a big Christmas festival that evening, including a parade, marching band, and basketball game.
There were lots of beautiful flowers along San Pedro's streets.
Behind Hannah and Amy you can see a sign for one of San Pedro's many Spanish language schools.
It's true.  Lots of good (cheap) food here!  If you're ever in San Pedro, definitely visit Clover's.  
I love this photo.  We were on the dock at San Marcos waiting to catch a boat back to San Pedro.
Not the cutest photo of me - I was concentrating!
But a great shot of Volcán San Pedro, which we climbed the next day.  
Amy at the top of the volcano.

Yesterday was a Catholic feast day - the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.  Last night everyone was on the streets to celebrate the virgin Mary.  There were bands, food stalls, a parade, and tons of fireworks.  The day before, December 7, was the Burning of the Devil, which didn't seem to be a huge deal in San Pedro. 

Hannah and I are back in Antigua for a few days.   We were thrilled to discover that in our absence this hostel somehow acquired a copy of the newest Harry Potter movie.  That's how we're spending our evening... we even have microwave popcorn!  


Dan said...

Are you serious?!? MB, that's a fantastic photo of you. I love the concentration on your face and the scenery behind you.

Steve said...

Very good photos....I would like to get a print of the fisherman photo especially.