Monday, February 27

24 Things I Loved About My 24th Birthday Week

Black Keys concert, a few days before my birthday

Oh goodness, today felt like a Monday. I'm about to drink a big glass of water and go to bed. But before I do, here's some things I loved about my birthday week.

* cooking with fresh bay leaves
* mixing mojitos with fresh mint 
* red beans and rice simmering for three hours and looking like legit cajun food
* two good workouts
* wonderful, honest discussion about prayer at home group
* wonderful, honest prayer at home group
* yummy lasagna cooked by Anna at home group
* sleepy time blended herbal tea
* hearing the voices of my parents, Grandaddy, and briefly, Pop-Pop
* a pretty birthday card from Dave's mom, Caroline
* my new stick-free frying pan

* a postcard from Amy from the Australian outback, where she's smooshing cane toads and planning community gardens
* seeing my friend Heidi's band, Cloud Control, perform in Camden… they have fans who know all their lyrics... it's so cool!  Plus the band went to school with Amy's boyfriend, James, in the Blue Mountains... small world.
* bright red fingernail polish
* women's breakfast at church: pancakes!  bright yellow flowers! girls to talk to!
* emails from Hannah and Shelley
* sausage and mash and taco skillet cooked by Dave
* my flannel shirt that kept me warm
* cathartic crying
* Sunday morning breakfast club

* truly thoughtful gifts and cards from parents, grandparents, and friends
* a clean bedroom and kitchen
* hearing the London Symphony Orchestra perform Copland's Appalachian Spring 

* post-concert cinnamon toast with Dave

Happy Monday night,

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