Monday, February 20

London Breakfast Club: Camden Passage Part 2

The Breakfast Club continues to make its way down Camden Passage in Angel! Here are two other places we've tried…

The Breakfast Club

Not to be confused with my breakfast club, this restaurant is trendy indie Angel at its best. 

The décor is colorful and funky, like a wacky American diner, with retro appliances and kitschy trinkets all over. It's cozy, bright, and so hot right now. On weekends, you'll find a line out the door after 10am, no exceptions. And you'll say 'I don't think so' and swiftly move on to another Camden Passage breakfast gem. This happened to me several times last fall. 

Finally this January Australian Hannah and I managed to beat the crowd one Saturday morning. The atmosphere didn't disappoint, but the food did. My french toast was dry and the coffee was only okay. Hannah enjoyed her eggs benedict even though they weren't as good as Gus's (a yummy café in Canberra). And Dave's portobello mushrooms were soggy. Oh no!  

I mean, the food wasn't terrible. But given all the fuss and London prices, I expected yummier. Maybe the cooks were having a bad morning.

The Breakfast Club has several locations around the city and they serve lunch, dinner, and drinks, too. On my birthday last Friday (yes indeed, I'm twenty four!) Dave and I tried the one in Spitalfields. I got a burger with applesmoked cheddar and portobello mushrooms (not soggy this time, hurray!). We had a couple of beers and Dave tried the chilli… all in all, pretty tasty, but nothing mind blowing.

I would go back for the atmosphere. I've heard that at least one location has a secret bar tucked away somewhere, too. Patrons must provide a secret code before entering. All I know is that during dinner people kept disappearing into a 1960s refrigerator… I'll go exploring and report back soon.

Med Kitchen

You can find Med Kitchen in several locations around London. One of Dave's friends reckons they have the best breakfast in London. We beg to differ. You'll have a good breakfast, and it might be better than waiting an hour for a table at Elk in the Woods or Kipferl or The Breakfast Club, but it's not incredible. Unless you're starving and desperate for food, like I was this weekend. Then it's incredible. Does that make sense?  

The menu covers all the English breakfast basics. A couple months ago I had eggs benedict and they tasted vinegary. On Sunday I had scrambled eggs and smoked salmon on toast; no complaints, very satisfied. The six boys at my table ordered full English breakfasts and got a lot of food for their buck. And we were all happy with our fresh and blended juices. A couple months ago the coffee was pretty bad, and on Saturday I tasted Dave's cappuccino and it was pretty bad again. 

To sum up: if you go to Med Kitchen, go hungry and stick to eggs, toast, and your juice of choice.

Cray cray (Taken with instagram)
This photo is totally unrelated to breakfast. It just makes me laugh.

Tomorrow is Pancake Day in the UK!  Apparently this is the British version of Fat Tuesday. I whole heartedly approve as pancakes are my favorite comfort food of all time. I'm considering getting up super early and going out for blueberry pancakes before work...

Posts to come this week: 23 things I learned when I was 23; 23 things I loved about my birthday week; skiing photos; and plans for Lent.

Happy Monday!

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