Tuesday, February 7

London Breakfast Club: Camden Passage Part 1

So back in Wyoming, some friends and I started Signal Breakfast Club.

This entailed dragging ourselves out of bed once or twice a week and going out for breakfast together. My favorite place was a cafe at Heart Six, a ranch fifteen minutes outside Grand Teton National Park.

Oh, those views. Oh, their biscuits and gravy.

Then I moved to London, where the urban landscape is only okay and the people don't do white sausage gravy.

But I'm happy to report that I've continued Breakfast Club... because no matter where I go, breakfast is my favorite.

Late breakfast (Taken with Instagram at The Deco Lounge)

There's a trendy little street in Angel called Camden Passage with loads of cafes and vintage shops. Here are two places in Camden Passage I've breakfast clubbed at so far...

Elk in the Woods

Elk in the Woods is woodsy and rustic (in a trendy not-actually-rustic way) and my latte was good. The breakfast menu is inventive without being too bizarre. I had some fancy pancakes with an unusual fruit compote - they were different and really delicious. Dave had this baked egg and potato thing... frittata, perhaps?  It too was yummy (and healthy). Zara had a traditional English fry up and got the best value for money, in my opinion. The other two dishes were just enough... and just enough is not enough if you like to overeat at breakfast like me.  I would go back, but not if I was starving.



I love their website homepage. But that's beside the point.

Kipferl is a self-described Austrian/Viennese place.  The space is open and cool but nothing special. The coffee was good... it might've been very good, but I can no longer remember. They serve breakfast all day long, but you might be tempted by the lunch menu like I was (though I tried my friend's apple saucy french toast - mmmm).  I had a bowl of beefy brothy soup with pumpernickel bread - very nice - and then this: 

STEIRISCHER BACKHENDLSALAT [try pronouncing that one]
Styrian style salad with strips of breaded chicken with pumpkin seed oil 
dressing and roasted pumpkin seeds 

Absolutely delicious. The chicken was tender, the greens fresh with lots of flavor,  and all the pumpkin ingredients, perfect. I almost always prefer breakfast foods to lunch/dinner options, but I had no regrets here. I would definitely go back. And I would probably order the same thing.  Plus apple strudel.

And here's London Breakfast Club: Camden Passage Part 2.

I went skiing last week!  And I didn't die!  Hurray!  Photos and commentary to be shared shortly.

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