Tuesday, November 30

Baby sea turtles

My friend Celine took these photos and I edited them a bit. We release most hatchlings after dark, but sometimes the babies climb out of the sand during the day. They only have so much energy reserved for their first swim into the sea, so it's important to release them as soon as possible. Unfortunately we don't have any adult turtle photos; camera flashes can keep mama turtles from laying their eggs. You'll have to hop on a plane and come see for yourself! It's pretty amazing.

In the following video, we're in the hatchery collecting over 10 hatched nests (around 400 babies).

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Anonymous said...

This is so NEAT! All those little babies :-) They are so cute. Love the pictures you posted.
It almost makes me want to go to Guatemala...until I read your other stuff and then I think not. I don't care for the bugs and spiders that are so prevalent, lol.