Monday, November 29

Football and murder

1. The Iron Bowl. I was working in Monterrico at the turtle festival all Friday and had no idea how the game was unfolding. Around halftime, I took my lunch break and hurried down main street to the internet cafe, but the owner had closed shop to enjoy the festivities. After a lovely splurge of a dinner with the other volunteers, we walked 10km home and I was thrilled to learn of Auburn's tremendous victory. That's all I'll say about that.

2. We saw a murder victim on Saturday. A section of street had been marked off with police tape, but after asking a policeman what happened we were told there had been an "ordinary incident" and that we could walk under the tape. Fifteen minutes later we returned to find a dead body lying on the street, the feet sticking out from under a white sheet. A crowd had gathered, and several police were placing numbered cones around what I assume was the murder scene. Again, we asked what happened and we were told that oh, there had been a murder. But don't worry, the guy had been a drunk thief and a menace and no one was too upset when someone shot him.

3. 7 day blog challenge in Antigua. We're spending the next seven nights in Antigua (so excited for cool dry air and laundry services), and I intend to blog every single day.

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