Sunday, November 7

Nueva Alianza photos

i am currently in an internet cafe in reu and thought i would take the opportunity to upload a few photos from the past three weeks. on wednesday, we´re relocating to parque hawaii, a national park(more or less) on the pacific coast. internet is quite scarce at the moment, but hopefully i´ll manage a few updates later this week.


the kitchen (la cocina)

reading outside before we realized this is where the most bugs are

i fail at setting up mosquito nets

our beds and closets

the first meal we prepared... oatmeal, pineapple, fried egg, and coffee

the patio outside our room and la sala

a failed attempt to document the dozens of bug bites on my neck

chopping veggies in the dark

thrilled about our first mac n cheese dinner

dan does laundry at la pila


an untoasted coffee bean

jungle hike

at one of the three waterfalls

kevin finds a cobra (not poisonous)and comes over to play

view from the outside la cocina


Anonymous said...

you're wearing your tiedye shirt! I'm wearing the first one I tried to make you which failed.
I'm also watching harry potter and PACKING. I leave on wednesday!

MB said...

make me another tiedye shirt! and come see me as soon as you can! maybe bring me an extra tank top and some shorts along with the awesome dress.