Thursday, November 25


Thanksgiving on the beach wasn't really Thanksgivingy. We spent all day in Monterrico helping set up for the turtle festival - it was so hot. But it was a satisfying, productive day and I'm excited about the weekend. Several of the German volunteers left this morning so we had a smaller group for dinner tonight. Midway through the meal, we decided to share things we are thankful for and in doing so created that heartwarming atmosphere of gratitude and contentment. Our Thanksgiving list included the park dogs, Thunder and Flash, unlimited agua pura (especially on hot days like today), being able to travel, good health, and no more maggots.

Me and "the Germans" hitching to Monterrico for ice cream
(Flash is sitting in Marissa's lap)

Taken on a sunrise patrol; fishermen trying to catch the tide

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Love this photo MB!