Friday, April 29

30 day challenge: bullet your whole day

Day 4: bullet your whole day 


  • 09:00:: shower.
  • 09:30:: watch videos of the monster tornado; read news and Facebook posts about Tuscaloosa.
  • 10:00:: embark with Shelley on a mission to spend ALL of my accumulated gift cards, no excuses.
  • 10:36:: spend $35 gift card at World Market; coffee mug, wine stopper (I don't know if that's what it's called --- that's what I call it), and picnic rug.
  • 11:32:: find out I have exactly thirty cents on my two Books-A-Million cards; I am sad.
  • 12:00:: try on expensive clothes at The Loft; we wish we could afford them.
  • 12:20:: use four Chik-Fil-A coupons courtesy of Shelley's mom; eat a yummy free lunch. 
  • 12:45:: spend $8 gift card at Aeropastale; card was at least six years old.
  • 13:00:: spend $25 gift card at Dillard's; laugh; try on grown up heels.
  • 13:00:: buy milk and Magnum ice creams; ooh fancy, imported from England.
  • 14:00:: waste time online.
  • 15:00:: eat a fancy Magnum ice cream by the pool; listen to a nineteen-year-old boy brag about drinking and failing his golf exam; go inside.
  • 16:30:: talk to Dave on Skype; FYI, "I can think of literally --- LIT- trally --- NOTHING that I care less about than this wedding"; congrats, Will and Kate.
  • 19:00:: think about cooking dinner; get Chinese take-out instead; it is mediocre.
  • 20:00:: watch Michael's last episode on The Office; it's anticlimactic and kinda sad and awkward, like real good-byes.
  • 21:00:: think about getting The King's Speech from Redbox; decide not to.
  • 22:00:: clean room.
  • 23:00:: go to bed. 

That wasn't very interesting, was it?  

Now that I've had a little break, I've gotta work hard until my last exam on Thursday. Headed to the lakehouse after work to baby-sit Lyra and do some writing.


youknowwho said...

Literally NOTHING.


Anonymous said...

You skipped day 3.