Tuesday, April 12

Vague plans & stuff

Howdy folks!

I'm having a productive night.  So far, I've cooked green chicken curry for dinner, emailed a professor, messaged a friend in NYC about staying with him when I fly up for an interview (!), and written a postcard to my friend Lauren who recently moved to Bulgaria with the Peace Corps. The remainder of the night will include a workout and some research and essay planning.

Operation UK update:

Since my first offer, I've gotten a second university offer and an interview in New York for a business internship program.  It's official --- I've got options!

When I went home last weekend, several people made comments like, "so you're moving to London, huh?"  This confused me because, at that point, I hadn't definitely decided to move to London. It's a big and complicated decision. But the bottom line is, I want and need to move to London. And already I have two, maybe three, ways to do it.

So, I would like to officially declare that I am officially moving to London in the fall! I don't have a visa yet, or a plane ticket, and goodness knows things could change. But screw being cautious --- if I can help it, when the leaves go orange, I'll be moving into a tiny flat and drying my clothes on radiators and buying my groceries at Sainsbury's (and being a teeny tiny 2ish mile walk from Dave --- what?  no jet lag?). I've already researched community gardens where I can grow organic tomatoes and cool choirs that maybe someday will let me sing with them.

Hip hip hooray :).

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