Monday, April 25

30 day challenge: Something I feel strongly about

Day 2: Something I feel strongly about

Can I have three somethings?

1. Today a professor mentioned the new NCAA rule about taking the touchdown away if a player engages in inappropriate celebratory behavior, and I immediately exclaimed, "Are you KIDDING?" Everyone in the room kind of jumped and my professor looked surprised. "I didn't know you cared so much about football, Mary Beth."  I don't. And I don't know anything about NCAA rules. But this new rule rubbed me the wrong way, and for a moment I felt strongly about it.

2. Over air conditioning. I feel strongly that it wastes energy and money and simply doesn't make sense. The temperature doesn't need to drop twenty degrees when we walk inside. Shorts and a t-shirt should be enough clothing for the park and the library. As it is I have to carry a sweatshirt and socks wherever I go. 

3. Craftsmanship. I feel strongly that it is an important and overlooked value... mastering a craft, doing something well for its own sake. Nowadays, to be "successful," we have to be multi-taskers who can do lots of things pretty well, but we never have or make the time to become experts and masters. I'd like to discipline myself and truly devote myself to a craft. Possible?

In the words of Juno:

PS, If I were a painter developing my craft, this is what my ideal studio would look like. 

Art studio photo found here.


Ben said...

I agree with all three. "Making CD mixes for my car" counts as a craft, right?

Mary Beth said...

absolutely. (and also, maybe writing?)