Monday, April 4

Fair words butter no parsnips

I like this little eighteenth century nugget of wisdom. Though I dislike parsnips.  Have you ever eaten parsnips?  Mashed, they look and feel like potatoes but they taste most certainly different.  It's like in Europe when you think you're about drink water but upon taking a sip you discover you're not drinking water at all, you're drinking something fizzy and bitter (also known as water with gas, or fizzy water).  That's what eating parsnips is like for me. I prefer potatoes.

This weekend I went home for a family funeral. It was a somber occasion but really good to see everyone. I returned to Auburn feeling much more purposeful and thankful.

Earlier this week a friend texted me at 2am telling me how grateful she was for her good friends and amazing life experiences. Another friend is writing down one thing he is grateful for every day this year. My thunderstorm post last week was an exercise in thankfulness, too. I know people heaps smarter and more important than me have already noticed this, but being appreciative --- thankful, grateful, whatever you want to call it --- seems to be one of the essential keys to daily happiness.  You might like to check out the blog thx thx thx.  The author writes a thank you note every day. Sometimes it's about serious things, sometimes it's about heart-patterned toilet paper in the office restroom. It might inspire you to enjoy little things on days when gratitude isn't flowing freely.

Another essential key to daily happiness:  sunshine.  I'm very freckled and shouldn't get too much, but boy do I love it. I have a long not-so-fun April to-do list and next to it, a "healthy living" list: being outside whenever it's warm and sunny is priority number one.  I've started eating lunch outside rather than in front of a computer.  Try it.

Didn't intend to write a self-helpish post --- was just happy about the butter and parsnips adage and wanted to share. Enjoy your week!

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