Monday, April 18

We're grown-ups now

I spent most of this weekend at the lake house in Georgia. It was lovely and just what I needed. Bonus: I returned home with leftover blueberry pancakes, shortcakes, squash casserole, and pimento cheese... I've really been overeating today. And also, procrastinating.

Since it's warm and sunny I decided to start running on a nearby bike path instead of going to the gym. But I think I need new running shoes --- or maybe a running coach to correct my form. Because my left knee is killing me and my calf muscles are sorer than they should be. Dear body, let me be a runner!

If you're a xkcd fan, you've seen this comic already. It's one of my personal favorites:

And speaking of grown-ups, my sister's turning twenty tomorrow!  Holy cow... that's all I can say about that.

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amy said...

I love that cartoon! can we please get a ball pit in our house? maybe next to the tearoom/harmonica's room? (this house may have to be a mansion/preferably an old but remarkably toasty warm castle).