Friday, May 13

30 day challenge: music & pet peeves

Day 6: your views on mainstream music

I just wrote three paragraphs on my views on mainstream music. For your convenience, I'll delete the mini treatise and summarize:

It's really hard to be original these days. (I guess it's always been hard to be original, but now we have the internet, so we can't even kid ourselves.) Sometimes I drop an obscure band name, sometimes I sheepishly turn down my volume at stop lights if I'm rocking out to Britney's Baby One More Time. But whatever, you know?  If you like a song or a band, great.  Enjoy it. Life is short.

Day 7: five pet peeves

1. Wet paper of any kind, especially on restaurant tables or in bathrooms.
2. Blowing your nose at the table.
3. Calling your significant other "babe."
4. Flight attendants telling me to open my window for take off or landing. WHY?
5. Cats roaming freely wherever I'm sleeping.

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