Monday, May 30

30 day challenge: Something you think "what if" about

Day 16: Something you think "what if" about

I'm pretty anti-dwelling on the past in a regrets-focused or otherwise negative way. But every once in awhile I wonder how things would be different if I had gone to NYU or Emory or Vanderbilt instead of Auburn. 

I think it's safe to say I wouldn't have spent a year in Australia. I might've studied something besides English and history. I think I would've had a more conventional post-graduation experience --- maybe a job or grad school right away. That being said, if I had studied at one of those schools, I probably wouldn't have met my Australian friends or spent two months in Guatemala. I wouldn't be working a second summer in Wyoming or moving back to England.

I wish we had a hundred lives to play with some of the possibilities. 

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