Thursday, January 13

365 photos

Hello!  I've been working on turning my lofty 2011 goals into habits.  Resolutions are hard to keep!  But I'm slowly getting used to intentionally taking photos with my phone.  Here are my four favorite photo days from the past two weeks.

sunday, january 2: before church workout in the park.

monday, january 3: 
reading and swinging at another park. (we like parks.)

tuesday, january 11:  COLD.

wednesday, january 12: 
mmm, warm.  guatemala rug & christmas socks.

monday, january 10: a day that will live in infamy.

This little boy braved the screaming mob of college kids so he could proudly wave his victory sign in the very center of Toomer's Corner.  It's a miracle he wasn't trampled.  War damn eagle. More championship celebration photos to come.

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