Thursday, January 6

E3 Kids International

My best friend from Japan is working at Royal Kids School in Kenya for the next six weeks.  She spent lots of time in Kenya during college and now she's a full time employee of E3 Kids International.  I haven't talked to JoEllen in almost a year but this morning I saw her blog post on Facebook - she'll be posting a new photo of the students every day!  Today's photo is fun :)

Great minds thinks alike!  One of my 2011 goals is to complete the 365 photography project - I'll take one photo each day of the year.  I'll be relying on my average cell phone camera for the next few months... I might use some film if I can fix my Holga and Instax cameras.  But I'm hoping the project will improve my photography skills and get the creative juices flowing!  I'll share the results every Saturday.

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