Wednesday, January 19

Serious family travel

First of all, I am tired.  Two hours in the classroom, thirty minutes at the grocery store, one hour in the kitchen (making pumpkin turkey chili, it was tasty), and nine hours at work.  Whew.  I had a nice chat with a doctor while I prepared his espresso beverage.  He kept asking me questions and finally discovered that my family had lived overseas for awhile.

Him: Aha!  I thought you seemed... like you had been places.

Me: Haha, really, what do you mean?    

Him:  Your accent is very neutral.  You also carry yourself differently.  

Me: Would you like whipped cream on your mocha?

In all seriousness, it was a good conversation.  The doctor had some wise and encouraging words re: careers and life.

Second of all, check out this brief interview with the Redpaths, a family of four who embarked on a year-long round the world adventure in 2009. 

Traveling long term with kids must take unusual amounts of patience and guts.  But I'll bet it's extra rewarding... Read more about this family on their website.  The intro video makes me want to take my nonexistent kids across the world, too.

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