Sunday, January 9

Books & dreams

It's a new year and I have dreams!  What are some of these dreams, you ask?

First: take a photo each day of 2011.  I've already missed a few days.  Oops.  But I'm not throwing in the towel yet.  Tomorrow I plan on waking up to a winter wonderland and fifteen hours later storming Toomer's Corner with thousands of other ecstatic Auburn fans.  Plenty of photo-taking opportunities.

Second:  DON'T BUY ANY BOOKS during 2011.  I mean it.  The only exception is if a book is required for school and it's not available to rent.  This goal will be difficult to achieve.

Third:  don't buy any clothes except from thrift stores.  That should be easy enough.

Fourth:  read the entire Bible.

Fifth: stay off Gmail and Facebook except for half an hour before breakfast and half an hour before bedtime.  I did well today.  My dear friend and roommate Shelley asked what I planned to do with all my Facebook-free time. I said I didn't know.  Read.  Think.  Sleep.  Write short stories.  Bake cupcakes.  (Probably the latter.)

Photo from this architecture Tumblr:
If I can't buy books, I reserve the right to post lots of beautiful bibliophilic book photos on my blog.


Anonymous said...

Not buying books might be a problem, does this include not buying books at thrift stores? I know this does not include "borrowing" books from the parents lol
Love Mom

Anonymous said...

I highly disapprove of the Facebook rule. There is NOTHING WRONG with Facebook. Facebook is good for my friendships, it keeps quite a lot of them going, I really wish people would stop giving it such a bad rap.