Tuesday, January 18

Try new things: Pilates

Today I tried a new thing:  Pilates.  

An unverified Wikipedia article says that "the Pilates method seeks to increase the strength, flexibility, and control of the body."  The "core" is emphasized a lot.  Basically your abs are continuously flexed throughout the workout.  I really enjoyed my first 50 minute session.  It was relaxing, different, and I could feel my body being worked.  (And I looked around during certain exercises... I wasn't alone in my inflexibility!)  

I found this image after searching for "pilates and outdoors."  This in Colorado.


Ben said...

Book rec from a fellow bibliophile (bibliomaniac?). The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova. It's really well-plotted and placed and she really puts in a lot of time describing the various settings. Most of the book takes place in Istanbul, Budapest and Transylvania, but at the beginning the chapters alternate between describing various European locales (Venice; Bled, Slovenia; various places in France) and telling the story (a cool non-hokey version of Dracula). It basically made me want to go to all the places it describes. Figured you'd enjoy it because you're sort of interested in this "travel" thing.


Mary Beth Brown said...

i've read that book! well, half of it. when we were traveling somewhere in europe. i really liked it but never finished it for some reason... i'll have to track it down again.