Wednesday, January 26

Wednesday morning

1.  A boy offered me his seat on the transit, and it made my morning.  Especially because it was cold and rainy outside.

1a.  When will I start referring to male peers as men?  

2.  Auburn keeps sending me emails about study abroad programs.  Costa Rica, Shanghai, England, Tanzania, etc.  Study abroad opportunities have definitely increased since 2006.  And, this year the university introduced an alternative student break program.  These are both good things.

3.  Something nice I read by D.H. Lawrence:

Behind all the dancing was a vision, and even a science of life, a conception of the universe and man's place in the universe which made men live to the depth of their capacity.

4.  Regular blenders cannot crush chickpeas.  This weekend I'm buying a food processor.  


Hannah said...

YEA Alternative Breaks!!

Amy Vos said...

I don't know that I'll ever be able to refer to males my own age as men. not til I'm at least 35, anyway.